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sharman's eye provides a fresh approach to organic fine art.  With origins in Haitian and Mexican folk art and an appreciation for abstract expression, sharman's eye archival ink prints are recognized for their bold color combinations, spatial composition and spontaneity of painting.  Incorporating this global style into your living space is oh-so-simple.  Top designers know that using rich colors in your home is a surefire way to play up or downplay some of the features in small rooms.  If you have a space that is lacking or in need of a splash of color, try incorporating bold and eclectic elements to your interior to add just the right amount of flair and excitement.  Look no further...

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Sharman's Eye founder - Sharman Johnson - has since childhood found ways to incorporate art into her life.  As an animal lover with an equally strong appreciation for color, she creates dynamic, original paintings featuring all sorts of furry creatures. A number of her larger works have been featured in juried art shows in the Washington DC area where she currently lives.  Her visionary work continues to catch the eye of collectors and galleries across the United States.

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